Lessons Learnt

2007-08-24 16:31:02 by Myzzy

Right so, reviews came back for Paperbag and for some obvious reasons it sucked. Length was the major issue, combine with no plot. Seems to be a regular issue with me - no plot line. So I am working on it with my next submission. It is to be a game, and this time will have some sort of plot line -- as per usual it's going to be the result of experimentations with Action Script as I am still plodding around the syntax trying to learn about its little tweaks, though I get more comfortable on a daily basis and with any luck will be producing some sleek things in the future (though the animations may be sub par, the scripting underneath will be well done :P).


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2007-08-24 18:44:38

lol, sup.

Come post on the BBS with the rest of the "cool" kids.

Or else you're fired. Whatever. I play by no one's rules.