Entry #1

A healthy Day Two

2007-08-21 12:09:35 by Myzzy

Hello there all of you, this would be my second day on Newgrounds (well, contributing anyway, been an addict for many more).

Lets see, I guess I shall talk about plans for future games and clips;

As of right now I am working on a movie/game (unsure of what it will become) featuring ninja's, samurai and revenge (not something we haven't seen before, but something none-the-less).

I am also debating about making Paperbag Man into a regular super hero, but we shall have to see how his first appearance pans out. Lets say, if it gets an average score around 3 on the general votes or 7 on the reviews I will make a sequel, that actually has plot and some decent length.

On that note, time for me to fly.


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