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Posted by Myzzy - September 7th, 2007

Well she's up and running now, Nexus of Dreams (my web space) is now something!


On another note, the wacom is going ok. I still find it difficult to use but I am getting used to it quickly. Though most of my things I am currently working on are being done without much of its use. Trying very hard to make something with it mainly, but I keep getting caught in laziness and minimizing animations...

At any rate, hopefully I should have something to show for end of next week?

We shall see what time does with me.


Posted by Myzzy - September 1st, 2007

So, I just bought me a fancy new Watcom ^^, on that note expect some changes in my style (no more crappy circle men or lazily animated VERY shorts), I intend to put some effort into the animations in order to get better with this awesome new tool of mine. Currently working on making a short comic series I have into a video collection, and this pad will help!

Note: Games will probably not be hand drawn yet, as I like to spend more time scripting on games then animating, but I do hope to put a bit more time into the imagery in my games.


Posted by Myzzy - August 24th, 2007

Right so, reviews came back for Paperbag and for some obvious reasons it sucked. Length was the major issue, combine with no plot. Seems to be a regular issue with me - no plot line. So I am working on it with my next submission. It is to be a game, and this time will have some sort of plot line -- as per usual it's going to be the result of experimentations with Action Script as I am still plodding around the syntax trying to learn about its little tweaks, though I get more comfortable on a daily basis and with any luck will be producing some sleek things in the future (though the animations may be sub par, the scripting underneath will be well done :P).

Posted by Myzzy - August 21st, 2007

Hello there all of you, this would be my second day on Newgrounds (well, contributing anyway, been an addict for many more).

Lets see, I guess I shall talk about plans for future games and clips;

As of right now I am working on a movie/game (unsure of what it will become) featuring ninja's, samurai and revenge (not something we haven't seen before, but something none-the-less).

I am also debating about making Paperbag Man into a regular super hero, but we shall have to see how his first appearance pans out. Lets say, if it gets an average score around 3 on the general votes or 7 on the reviews I will make a sequel, that actually has plot and some decent length.

On that note, time for me to fly.